What's included:
  • ONE STOP SHOP: Virtual access to a 420 page knowledge-based, comprehensive, self-directed study guide structured according to the officially published Exam Blueprint outlined in Appendix H of the College of Dietitians CDRE Prep Guide 
  • A 2-month detailed study schedule to direct your learning based on your exam date
  • Study flow based on percent competency distribution dictated by the College in the newly published 2024 guideline; food and nutrition expertise (7%), professionalism and ethics (12%), communication and collaboration (8%), management and leadership (12.5%), nutrition care (25.5%), population health promotion (18%), and food provision (17%)
  • Material is based on the 3 major nutrition textbooks (listed below) used in Ontario dietetic education and supplemented with Masters level course-derived notes and other key documents including best practice guidelines, government standards, public health documents, and the Jurisprudence manual
                  Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology (3 ed.); Nelms, M. & Sucher, K. 
                  Nutrition Science and Applications (3 ed.); Smolen, L.A., Grisvenor, M.B.,  & Gurfinkel, D. 
                  Foodservice Organizations (7 ed.); Gregoire, M. 
  • 3 month access (July promo: 5 month access) with the option to extend if further exam attempts are necessary
  • Information that is updated annually and tailored to latest version of the CDRE Prep Guide and dietetic practice guidelines
  • Access to the private Facebook Study Group to ask fellow students questions, get clarification on concepts, and exchange study tips


What is it?
This is the first ever Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE) comprehensive notes-based study guide for Dietetic students who are preparing to write the CDRE.

As students, the Dietitians bringing you this course found there was a major lack of guidance and direction in preparing to write the CDRE. They felt lost and didn't know where to begin tackling the mountain of information needed to cover - a shared experience between virtually every classmate and dietitian they had, and continue to come across.

While the U.S. has 5 core resources available to students in preparation for the CDR (CDRE equivalent), there is only one resource in Ontario outside of the official CDRE Preparatory Guide issued by the College of Dietitians. This is the first guide to consolidate and review all of the required knowledge concepts tested in the CDRE - an integral part of the study process.


Why it's SO worth it:
  • Save 160+ hours compiling your notes and resources (equivalent to minimum $7200 based on average RD hourly pay)
  • Save $600 in CDRE exam fees in having to re-write the exam + spare yourself a lot of pain in creating a supervision plan or postponing your job search
  • Direction - access to an organized guide and pre-created study schedule you can tailor around your own life responsibilities (whether you're working or have a family)
  • All your notes in one place; these are truly the only notes you will need in preparation for this exam
  • Thorough professional preparation for every area of dietetic practice 
8 Study Topics


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Ina Benkova, RD, MPH was a colleague of Dora's at University of Toronto who greatly benefited from her hard work when her time came to writing the registration exam. 
She gained access to this treasure trove of a resource which prepared her for testing and gave her confidence in writing this difficult exam. 
Once the exam was over and she had been successful, Ina knew this study guide could not be hidden away, tucked in a folder. She reached out to Dora urging them to work together to bring this study material to the other students in the same position.
She specializes in the dietetic areas of weight management, sports nutrition and women's health in her private practice. Her role is in the administration and user experience of this project making it available to up and coming RDs.

about the development

Who developed the study guide?
Dora Latalisa, RD, MPH is a graduate from the University of Toronto's Master in Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics program and practicing dietitian, with expertise in bariatric and renal dietetics.
She created this guide from the ground up, investing 160+ hours in its development. Dora went through the rigorous process of extracting the most relevant and pertinent content from key university textbooks, graduate school notes, best practice guidelines, government standards, public health documents, and the jurisprudence manual. 

She passed not only the CDRE (Canadian) but also the CDR (American) registration exams using this comprehensive guide on her first attempt in both cases.

For any questions, please email ina@inabenkova.com


Here is a sample of the Guide to help you gain an understanding of the format and structure.

For any questions, please email ina@inabenkova.com

Using the drop down function, you can view the notes under each subcategory. Here is an example of a. Management Principles (BONUS).

Using Topic 5 - Management as an example, you can see a collapsable outline of the specific concepts covered in this section.

Once you enter the Study Topic Page, the CDRE preparatory guide knowledge topics are highlighted at the top, and under each subcategory, you can see an in depth expansion on those topics as covered in the Study Guide.

Upon purchase of the guide, you will be taken to the Dashboard which acts as a Table of Contents to help you navigate the material.


Is the Guide pdf downloadable?

It is not pdf downloadable for copyright protection purposes however you can still access the content offline when you open a Topic Page (ex. Topic 5 Nutrition Care) while you are connected to the internet.

Can I have extended access if I purchase it prior to 3 months before the exam?

You can absolutely extend your access to the content as an add-on cost of $56.

If I need to need to write another attempt of the CDRE, can I regain access?

You can regain access to the Guide at a cost of 60% off the original price.

What is the device compatibility?

The Guide is compatible with desktop, laptop and tablet formats for best visibility of the material.

Does the Guide include study questions?

Study questions are not included as part of the Guide at this time. This is a knowledge-based study tool that outlines all the material needed to review that would be covered in the exam and in RD practice in all fields.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds once access to the material has been granted.